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Arthritic Knees

When we think of arthritic knees, we tend to think age related pain, disability and ultimately knee replacement surgery. People often blame past running or loading for causing the arthritis. If only it was so simple! In fact, running for 30 minutes and squatting activities that load knees are helpful because they assist with muscle strength, joint lubrication and reduce inflammation. Continue reading

School children and backpacks

With the beginning of the school year, parents often get concerned about the weight of children’s school backpacks and whether they are damaging their child’s backs. Over time backpacks have changed and many have compartments allowing heavy items to be close to the spine. Putting the heavy books close to the spine reduces the drag of the backpack. Continue reading

Neck / Shoulder Tension

Lots of people suffer from tightness in the neck shoulder region when sitting at their desks. Typically, it worsens with increased time and stress at the desk. Often some massage or a hot pack will give some short-term relief but not long term relief.

At this time of year many people find this pain and tightness has reduced with holiday time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your neck/shoulder tightness away?

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Bone Health

Bones are one of those bits in our body we usually don’t think much about. It is easy to think of them as being a bit like steel rods that hold our bodies upright and are moved by the actions of our muscles. They also encase vital structures such as our brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs. What people easily forget is that bone is living tissue. Bones, like muscles, get stronger when we load them. Continue reading


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is part of the aging process. It is common to have degenerative changes and arthritic changes on X-ray without pain. For some people osteoarthritis arthritis (OA) causes significant pain and loss of function. OA is an inflammatory condition and as such we see an increase in various inflammatory markers on testing. Chronic exposure to these inflammatory markers has been shown induce cartilage catabolism and increase pain. Cartilage is the important protective coating on the end of our bones that gives bones a round smooth appearance. Continue reading

World Physiotherapy Day

World Physiotherapy day takes place in September each year with the theme this year “ Add life to years”. This ties in with The World Health Organisation’s message of the cost effectiveness of physiotherapy in healthy ageing.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we aim to find solutions to pain and injury to get you back to being able to move in a pain free manner as soon as possible. Our goal is then to help keep you moving through the years. Continue reading

Knee Meniscus problems

Knee pain and swelling is relatively common in middle aged and older people. Many of these people are then sent for a MRI which shows degenerative changes in the knee meniscus (the shock absorbing cartilage). With the advent of scans, we can easily see degenerative changes in the body. People can assume these changes are responsible for the pain and then conclude surgically fixing the structure will fix the pain. Increasingly these assumptions are being questioned. Just because we see something on a scan doesn’t mean that it is the cause of pain. Continue reading

Sprained Ankles

Sprained ankles are common injuries either in sport or daily life. They can range from very minor causing a slight limp for a few minutes, to severe where you are unable to put your foot down and you may need crutches to get around. Most sprained ankles lie somewhere between the extremes and they can be painful for days to weeks. Continue reading


Stretching is something that we all think we should do. We are told to do it before playing sport. We often think that if we stretch, we will be more flexible and being flexible is desirable. People believe that being flexible will make them less prone to injury. They also believe if they stretch properly, they can overcome pain and tightness.

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Sit up Straight

We have all been told to sit up straight some time in our lives. When people have pain in and around their neck and shoulder regions, they typically think this is because they have poor posture. They sit up straighter to try and fix the pain. Sometimes this works and is all that is required.

Unfortunately for many people when they sit up straight, they do so by elevating their rib cage which results in flattening of the spine between the shoulder blades. Continue reading


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