Knee pain in adolescence is common. It is estimated 30% of adolescents develop pain in the front of the knee at some time, and this is more prevalent in girls than boys. There are many possible reasons for developing knee pain such as injury from sport or arising as part of the growing process. 

The easiest knee pain to understand is the pain that results from sporting injury or trauma. However, pain that simply develops for no apparent reason in the front of the knee is common and very real. Knee pain can develop as a result of less than ideal knee loading with running, jumping or twisting activities, leading to increased load around the knee. Typically, it can be aggravated by prolonged sitting, going up and down stairs and may limit your ability to run or play sport.

What ever the reason for pain, at Burns Bay Physiotherapy we will perform a detailed assessment of all possible contributing factors to understand your pain, then devise a plan of how to most effectively return you to enjoying pain free activities with confidence. We employ evidence-based practice, this may involve a combination of hands on treatment, tailored exercises and taping.

Published in “The Village Observer”, October, 2019. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.