Running can be a fantastic way to keep fit. It’s a low-cost form of exercise that can be done pretty much anywhere. Many people wrongly believe that running will damage their knees and so they give up running when they experience pain.

There is evidence to say running can be beneficial for knees as it strengthens both the knee cartilage and surrounding muscles. Our bodies are designed to take loads like running. Recreational runners have less knee arthritis than non-runners.

Common areas of pain include the knee joint itself, the kneecap region or the outside of the knee. There are several reasons why people report knee pain while running. These can include muscle strength and control in the legs and pelvic region, running technique and past injuries. Most of these reasons are changeable if correctly identified and addressed.

If you do have pain on running, we will listen to how much running you want to do, we will perform a detailed assessment of your musculoskeletal system including strength and flexibility and an assessment of your running technique. From this we can build a plan and work with you to get you back to running painfree.