Sprained Ankles

Sprained ankles are common injuries either in sport or daily life. They can range from very minor causing a slight limp for a few minutes, to severe where you are unable to put your foot down and you may need crutches to get around. Most sprained ankles lie somewhere between the extremes and they can be painful for days to weeks.
Many people underestimate the effects of a sprained ankle. They think it will get better in time so they hobble around for a few days and don’t seek treatment. We frequently see people many years after their sprained ankles reporting knee, hip or back pain that they attribute to their old injury. They are correct. Common secondary complications of sprained ankles are tightening of the muscles in the lateral calf and weakness in the deep gluteal muscles. These changes cause long term changes in loading patterns with walking that can then result in knee, hip and back issues many years post the initial sprained ankle injury.
Early treatment of ankle and other injuries, not only helps you get mobile quickly but reduces your chances of secondary problems in the future.

Published in “The Village Observer”, August, 2016. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.


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