There have been multiple studies in the last few years comparing the effectiveness of modern physiotherapy treatment to areas such as backs, knees, hips and shoulders compared to injections, surgery, rest and medications.

High quality Physiotherapy care has been shown to have superior outcomes and is cheaper when compared to knee replacement surgery. It is now recommended people undergo physiotherapy including specific exercises before contemplating knee replacement, irrespective of what is seen on X-ray or MRI. In a study of over 1000 people with severe knee pain, 59% of those who felt they needed surgery reported they no longer felt they needed surgery following a course of Physiotherapy care of exercise and pain management. Other studies show 40% of people continue to report knee pain 3 years after knee replacement surgery and 15% report this pain as severe.

Comparing high quality Physiotherapy care, including exercises for lateral hip pain, to cortisone injections and to rest, showed superior results from the physiotherapy group compared to the other groups for pain and functional ability at 1 and 12 month follow-up.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we continually update our knowledge and provide high quality care guided by the latest research to help you regain control over your pain and abilities.