It is common to hear people say to us I have been having pain or stiffness for a while, but they haven’t done anything about it. When their pain or stiffness worsen so it is significantly limiting their ability to do the things they want to do in life, they then come in for treatment. Similarly, people sometimes think their problems aren’t bad enough to seek physiotherapy treatment.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy our physiotherapists are experts in understanding and helping pain and movement. We can help you whether your pain is severe, or it is a niggle or stiffness that annoys you or stops you from doing the activities you want to do with ease.

Stiffness is a good example of a problem that people often dismiss and think the answer is to stretch more or have more massages. Neither of these approaches address the reasons behind the problem. That is where high quality Physiotherapy can help. We can assess and treat these problems. We can assess where there is less than ideal movement patterns, muscles, joints, nerves and how these components interact with each other. From there we can develop a plan of management that works for you.