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World Physiotherapy day takes place in September each year with the theme this year “ Add life to years”. This ties in with The World Health Organisation’s message of the cost effectiveness of physiotherapy in healthy ageing.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we aim to find solutions to pain and injury to get you back to being able to move in a pain free manner as soon as possible. Our goal is then to help keep you moving through the years. We do this by keeping up to date with the latest research and working with you on a one to one basis to achieve your desired outcomes. We understand the importance of health and movement to people’s lives.

Across the globe, Physiotherapists keep people healthy and moving in many different ways, using their expertise in exercise, mobility and function. The changes that Physiotherapists make to people’s lives improve quality of life and reduce overall health care costs. According to the World Health Organisation, people who are physically active have a 50% reduction in movement limitations and a 40% lower death rate. It is estimated 10 million cases of dementia could be avoided if people met exercise recommendations.  32% of the over 70’s population fall each year with 10-25% of these ‘fallers’ sustaining a serious injury. Keeping active matters and we can help you.

Published in “The Village Observer”, October, 2017. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.