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Lots of people suffer from tightness in the neck shoulder region when sitting at their desks. Typically, it worsens with increased time and stress at the desk. Often some massage or a hot pack will give some short-term relief but not long term relief.

At this time of year many people find this pain and tightness has reduced with holiday time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your neck/shoulder tightness away?

 As Physiotherapists, we are able to assess your neck, shoulder and back areas as well as your workplace setup to determine why you feel pain and tension at work. We are then able to treat the muscles and joints that are causing the problem. We will also help you with making appropriate changes to your workplace setup to change the loads you place upon your body at work. We can also assist you with appropriate self-help strategies such as exercise and pacing to help you help yourself.

Holidays, massage and medications give temporary relief of symptoms whereas Physiotherapists can assess the causes and then treat these causes to give a good and sustainable outcome of a pain free 2017 at work.

Published in The Village Observer, February , 2017. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.