A new year often starts with people setting some personal goals of improving diet and lifestyle. The health research tells us clearly these goals pay dividends for improving our quality of life and wellbeing in the short and long term. As a minimum, adults should be doing the equivalent of 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise plus 2 strength sessions per week. Exceeding these guidelines is thought to be more beneficial.

We know that pain or fear of pain in muscles and joints is one of the reasons why people don’t meet their exercise goals. Unfortunately, too often people either avoid exercise or seek out low value care options which does not help them get the most out of their bodies.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we understand the importance of helping you achieve your goals. We provide high value care that is guided by the latest research to help you get better faster. We perform detailed examination of all possible factors contributing to your problem. We try and educate you on the reasons why you are having problems and how to then help you to help yourself stay active.