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Benefits of Physiotherapy and Where to Find a Lane Cove Physiotherapist (Physio) You Can Trust

If you have become injured or are experiencing back, neck, joint, or other types of pain, the chances are good that you can benefit greatly from physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a practice that involves promoting health and …read more .

Common Causes of Back Pain and How a Physiotherapist (Physio) in Riverview at Burns Bay Physiotherapy Can Help

Back pain is one of the most common complaints treated by Burns Bay Physiotherapy in Riverview. Back pain has many potential causes; here are some of the most common …read more .

Preventing Back Problems and Finding Physiotherapy with a Longueville Physiotherapist (Physio)

Back pain is a common problem – but one that is almost always treatable. Whether you are trying to prevent back trouble or you are already experiencing back pain, there are many ways you can protect your back and improve or prevent …read more .

What Is a Sports Physiotherapist and What Can a Lane Cove Sports Physio Do for You?

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we employ physiotherapists who understand a broad array of injuries and painful conditions, including those sustained during sports or exercise. A sports physiotherapist in Lane Cove is a recognised professional …read more .

Find Treatment in Lane Cove for Your Sports Injury or Muscle Injury at Burns Bay Physiotherapy

Sports injuries are the types of injuries that occur during exercise or sports. It’s possible, of course, to injure any part of the body while playing sports, but the term “sports injury” typically refers to musculoskeletal system injuries …read more .

Back Pain Treatment in Lane Cove at Burns Bay Physiotherapy

If you are experiencing back pain that doesn’t seem to be going away, or if you have frequent recurrences of back pain, there’s help. For those seeking back pain treatment in Lane Cove, Burns Bay Physiotherapy offers assessments and treatments …read more .

Why Exercise Is an Effective Lane Cove Back Pain Treatment

When people experience back pain, the natural response is often to avoid exercise. These individuals often assume that exercise will aggravate their existing pain, taking a bad situation and making it worse. The unfortunate outcome …read more .

Common Shoulder Injuries and Finding the Best Shoulder Injury Treatment in Lane Cove

Shoulder injuries are very common among athletes, particularly those who engage in repetitive overhead motion such as tennis, swimming, and weightlifting. Shoulders can also become injured during everyday activities such as gardening …read more .

Physiotherapy as a Lane Cove Shoulder Injury Treatment

The shoulder blade (scapula), arm bone (humerus), and collar bone (clavicle) make up the complex ball and socket joint that is the shoulder. Ligaments help support the shoulder while muscular attachments help move it. The shoulder joint …read more .

Looking for a Lane Cove Physio? Burns Bay Physiotherapy Offers Personal Service and Effective Treatments

If you are experiencing pain or injury in your back, neck, knees, shoulders, hips, elbows, or elsewhere, or you have sustained a sports injury or are suffering from arthritis, consider seeking out the services of a Lane Cove physio. …read more .

Understanding Arthritis

Physiotherapy is helpful for many conditions, relieving pain and restoring movement to injured body parts. One such condition is arthritis. A Riverview physio can not only help relieve arthritis pain but also help you understand how …read more .

Galileo Whole Body Vibration at Burns Bay Physiotherapy

You may have heard of the benefits of whole body vibration machines. These devices are used extensively throughout Australia in sports, fitness, and other applications, and they are also helpful in physiotherapy. At Burns Bay …read more .

Working with a Neck Pain Physio in Lane Cove

Neck pain is a very common complaint and one that affects your daily life in a surprising number of ways. Whether your pain is sharp or dull, whether it involves headaches or neck stiffness, it’s sure to be frustrating. The good news is that …read more .

Hamstring Relief from Professionals in Sports Physio for Lane Cove

One of the most difficult things about relocating is finding skilled professionals. Athletic your whole life, you’ve had the same physiotherapist since you were seven and are reluctant to find a replacement. You’d resolved to drive to …read more.

Gym Injuries Requiring a Sports Physiotherapist in Lane Cove

Did you get a little too excited about your new commitment to health and fitness? Like so many just starting out at the gym, you didn’t know exactly how to use a piece of equipment and were too afraid to ask. Instead, you watched a few …read more.

Lane Cove Sports Physio Caring for People of All Ages

For years your youngest son has wanted to join a rugby league just like his brothers, however like his brothers, you have insisted that he wait until he’s 12. For his twelfth birthday, you surprise him with team try-outs in Lane Cove. Today …read more.

Trust Lane Cove’s Sports Physiotherapist’s Office for Shoulder Injuries

It’d been a long but successful season of tennis, and you feel excited as you warm up for a practice session in preparation for the upcoming final tournament. You’d arrived at the court and begun warming up when you notice some discomfort …read more.

How Neck Pain Treatment in Lane Cove Helps You Move Past Pain

Many types of neck pain are caused by trauma such as sprains or are the result of muscle strain. When your neck hurts after an injury or due to years of repeated stress, its helps to know the root cause of your pain to find the right course of …read more.

Where to Receive Quality Neck Pain Treatments in Lane Cove

Are you suffering from muscle or nerve pain in your neck? If so, you owe it to yourself to relieve your pain, especially if you have endured it over many years. When you call Burns Bay Physiotherapy, you can benefit from our professional team …read more.

Visit Burns Bay Physiotherapy in Lane Cove for Your Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain is a common ailment that many people encounter at some point in their lives. When it comes to neck pain, it is important to realise that effective treatment should not simply be directed at the site where the pain is occurring …read more.

Neck Stiffness in Lane Cove? Our Neck Pain Treatments May Help

We tend to overlook many common aches and pains until they become overwhelming and interfere with our busy lives. Since so many of these ailments can be addressed through simple exercises or lifestyle changes, it is remarkable that we …read more.

Athletes: Burns Bay Physiotherapy Offers Knee Injury Treatment in Lane Cove

Whether you’re a recreation enthusiast or an elite-level athlete, you may have to deal with an injury during your playing career. If you’re involved in a high-impact sport that takes a toll on your lower body, a knee injury is possible. Some …read more.

Find Dedicated Professionals for Your Knee Injury Assessment in Lane Cove

Knee injuries are common, especially for elite level athletes. Whether it’s a sprain, strain, or something even more serious, you need to ensure you are getting proper care from an experienced, dedicated physiotherapist. Proper care leads to …read more.

Burns Bay Physiotherapists Offer Knee Injury Treatment for Lane Cove Patients

Knee injuries can have long-term effects on your body if they aren’t properly assessed and treated. If you have been dealing with pain in your knees because of physical activity from a sport or even just from regular use, such as walking or …read more.

Athletes in Lane Cove, Get a Thorough Assessment for Your Knee Injury

While injuries to the lower body, especially acute injuries due to sports activity there is relief available. If you’re experiencing pain due to a sprain, strain, or tear, you need to consult with a professional physiotherapist as soon …read more.