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Sports injuries are the types of injuries that occur during exercise or sports. It’s possible, of course, to injure any part of the body while playing sports, but the term “sports injury” typically refers to musculoskeletal system injuries. Common sports injuries may include sprains, strains, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis (or rupture of the Achilles’ tendon), bone fractures, and joint dislocations. Those who seek sports injury treatment in Lane Cove and elsewhere suffer from either acute or chronic injuries. Acute injuries occur suddenly while playing sports or exercising; chronic injuries result from overuse of one body part over a period.

Caring for a Sports Injury

When a tennis player “strains” a tendon or a runner “pulls” a muscle, the pain means that the soft tissues in the area are injured. Tiny blood vessels break and fibres of the affected muscle, ligament, or tendon become disrupted. Swelling occurs soon after the injury takes place. The swelling, along with the trauma, can make the injured tissues painful and tender as well as stiff. Even when the injury involves a bone, as in a fracture, the nearby soft tissues usually also sustain some damage.

Muscle injury treatment in Lane Cove typically includes resting the affected body part, applying ice to reduce swelling and pain, using bandages or wraps to apply light pressure (compression), and elevating the injured area to minimise swelling further. Heat may also be used; it can increase blood flow to a specific area, relieve muscle tightness, reduce joint stiffness, and decrease pain. However, heat may be more useful on a chronic injury, while ice is more often used on acute injuries.

Burns Bay Physiotherapy for Lane Cove Sports Injury Treatment

Sometimes home care is not enough to bring about pain relief and healing from an acute or chronic sports injury. It is also not a substitution for the care of a professional. Be sure to obtain proper treatment for any injury that causes severe pain, swelling, numbness or inability to bear weight on a limb, or if you have any other alarming symptoms.

For 20 years, Burns Bay Physiotherapy has been providing treatment for sports and other injuries as well as conditions such as arthritis to the Lane Cove area. We offer high-quality physiotherapy that is always backed by the latest research. We focus on providing solutions for injuries and pain to people of all ages in a friendly and professional manner.

When you book an appointment with us, we’ll assess you carefully to help you understand the cause of your pain and then we will design a treatment plan based on the most current updates from the medical research world. We understand sports and sports injuries, and whether you sport is social or highly competitive, it’s our goal to get you back on the field doing what you love. Give us a call today on 9427 8333 to begin feeling better.


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