Back Pain Treatment in Lane Cove at Burns Bay Physiotherapy

If you are experiencing back pain that doesn’t seem to be going away, or if you have frequent recurrences of back pain, there’s help. For those seeking back pain treatment in Lane Cove, Burns Bay Physiotherapy offers assessments and treatments designed to help you regain and maintain pain-free movement so that you can get back to enjoying your daily life. Our goals for each individual we work with are to reduce pain, increase function and provide education on how to prevent recurrences.

Physiotherapy comprises of two elements: passive physiotherapy and active exercises. Passive physiotherapy involves massage, heat or ice packs, TENS, or other treatments to decrease pain to a manageable level. Active exercises that you, the patient, do on your own between appointments to stretch, strengthen, and condition your body for optimal healing and health.

If you find yourself needing back pain treatment in Lane Cove, look no further than Burns Bay Physiotherapy. All of our treatments are based on the latest research, and our physiotherapists are highly skilled and experienced. In addition to providing effective treatments, we also treat each patient as an individual with unique problems. This allows us to assess accurately and treat each person with a customised approach for the very best odds of success.

Book an appointment today by calling us on 9427 8333 or use our online appointment request form. We’re looking forward to listening to you and working with you to develop a treatment plan that will have you feeling better as soon as possible.


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