Common Shoulder Injuries and Finding the Best Shoulder Injury Treatment in Lane Cove

Shoulder injuries are very common among athletes, particularly those who engage in repetitive overhead motion such as tennis, swimming, and weightlifting. Shoulders can also become injured during everyday activities such as gardening or hanging curtains. If you are experiencing shoulder pain or other symptoms such as stiffness or weakness in your shoulder, consider seeking shoulder injury treatment in Lane Cove at Burns Bay Physiotherapy.

Most shoulder injuries involve the muscles, tendons, or ligaments rather than the bones. Athletes are particularly vulnerable to shoulder problems. Too often, athletes experiencing shoulder pain will opt to “play through” the injury – but this can worsen the condition and cause additional problems. Also, people sometimes underestimate the severity of their injury because mild to moderate pain, limitation of motion, or arm or shoulder weakness become “normal” to them.

There are different types of shoulder injuries. One type is known as “instability,” and this occurs when one of the shoulder joints moves out of its normal position, resulting in dislocation. Symptoms include pain when raising the arm or feeling as if the shoulder is slipping out of place. Impingement is another type of injury; this is the result of excessive rubbing of the top of the shoulder blade against the shoulder muscles. If you suspect this kind of injury or notice inflammation in the shoulder, be sure to see shoulder injury treatment in Lane Cove to prevent the problem from worsening.

Contact Burns Bay Physiotherapy today to determine what type of shoulder injury you have sustained and receive a personalised treatment regimen so that you can get back to the sports or other activities you love.


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