Preventing Back Problems and Finding Physiotherapy with a Longueville Physiotherapist (Physio)

Back pain is a common problem – but one that is almost always treatable. Whether you are trying to prevent back trouble or you are already experiencing back pain, there are many ways you can protect your back and improve or prevent problems with pain or stiffness. Physiotherapy in Longueville can help; so can taking some everyday precautions.

Protect Your Back in Bed

You spend roughly a third of your life sleeping. So make sure that you have the right support system so that you avoid pain and injury. Having the right mattress is key. Our Physiotherapists in Lane Cove and Longueville can help advise you on ways to reduce your pain while sleeping. Beds are for sleeping. Beds are not designed for reading and using phones and tablets in bed. Ask our Physios in Lane Cove how to best manage these conflicting issues.

Protect Your Back in the Car

Many people spend a significant amount of time in their cars. Make your commute easier on your back by driving the right vehicle, for starters. Our Physios in Lane Cove and Longueville can assist you with correct set up in your car to unload your painful structures. Our Lane Cove Physiotherapists can also assist if you have difficulty getting in and out of your car. When travelling long distances regular stops to walk and stretch your back will reduce your pain.

Protect Your Back at Work

Do you spend most of each day sitting in front of a computer screen? Sitting all day is worse for your back than standing. When you sit, it puts a lot of strain on your spine, especially if you slouch. So sit up straight (with your spine in a neutral position) and position your screen so that it sits at eye level; this means you won’t have to look too far up or down to do your work. And just as with driving, stand up and walk around every so often to give your back a break. If you stand a lot or do heavy lifting at work, be sure to wear the right shoes and bend and lift properly to avoid unnecessary back strain.

The Physio in Longueville You Can Trust at Burns Bay Physiotherapy

When you need a high-quality physiotherapist in Longueville, trust Burns Bay Physiotherapy. We have been providing Longueville physiotherapy for 20 years at our Lane Cove location. Sometimes, despite your best preventive efforts, your back may become injured and require the services of a physio. If you are experiencing back pain, contact us to book an appointment with a Longueville physiotherapist who can determine the cause of your pain and offer effective treatments based on the latest research. Contact us today for the best in physiotherapy and get back to doing what you love: living your life.


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