Understanding Arthritis

Physiotherapy is helpful for many conditions, relieving pain and restoring movement to injured body parts. One such condition is arthritis. A Riverview physio can not only help relieve arthritis pain but also help you understand how arthritis affects your body. This understanding can help you manage the effects of your arthritis. Arthritis is not a single disease; there are over 100 different types of this condition, which causes joint symptoms such as pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Arthritis may cause widespread muscle and joint pain, or it may cause pain in just one particular part of the body. Some medications can help, but a physiotherapist such as one at Burns Bay Physiotherapy can also tell you about other pain relief methods that work well along with your medication. These methods may include ice or heat packs, TENS therapy, splinting of painful or swollen joints, and more.

Exercise is an important activity for most everyone, and those with arthritis are no exception. However, be sure to use moderation. Keep in mind that not doing enough physical activity and doing too much can both increase your pain. Your Riverview physio can advise you on the right balance between activity and rest. For the best way to strengthen joints and muscles and improve fitness, be sure to increase exercise slowly and gradually.

There are many treatments available through your Riverview physio designed to alleviate arthritis pain and improve your quality of life. Contact Burns Bay Physiotherapy today to book an appointment.


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