What Is a Sports Physiotherapist and What Can a Lane Cove Sports Physio Do for You?

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we employ physiotherapists who understand a broad array of injuries and painful conditions, including those sustained during sports or exercise. A sports physiotherapist in Lane Cove is a recognised professional competent in rehabilitation and training interventions for sports injuries as well as educating and advising patients on safe participation in sports. This training allows your Lane Cove sports physio to restore optimal muscle and joint function as well as help you prevent future injury and enhance your performance on the field.

Goals of Treatment by a Sports Physio in Lane Cove

When a sports physiotherapist works with an athlete, there are several specific goals of treatment. These physiotherapists aim to maximise each patient’s potential and allow them to safely enjoy the sport they love. Preventing injury is a major goal of treatment, and we accomplish this by having an understanding of an athlete’s previous injuries and other medical conditions along with in-depth knowledge of the exercise or sport. This information allows the physio to implement strategies designed to reduce the risk of injury.

Another important role of a Lane Cove sports physiotherapist begins when an athlete sustains an injury during competition or training. The physio must utilise his or her therapeutic knowledge to identify the athlete’s main problems and help the athlete overcome these challenges. This job requires an understanding of the athlete’s goals and the physical and psychological demands placed on the athlete. The physio then designs strategies to assist the athlete in returning to optimal function while also minimising the risk of re-injury.

Sports physiotherapists also act as advisors, teaching people of all ages and all fitness levels how to live safely and actively. They can recommend appropriate activities as well as ways of increasing participation safely. They may even advise individuals who need to increase their activity levels for medical reasons such as heart disease prevention.

Help for Sports Injuries at Burns Bay Physiotherapy

The health and medical fields are developing continually and rapidly, and that makes it vital for sports physiotherapists to keep their knowledge updated. That’s why, at Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we stay on top of the latest research and base all of our treatments on the most current and credible facts enabling us to provide each patients’ therapies and advice based on particular cutting-edge information.

From our convenient Lane Cove location, we have been providing sports physiotherapy as well as other types of physiotherapy for 20 years. We look forward to continuing to solve our patients’ pain and injury problems and help keep them moving for years to come. We work with people of all ages with many types of injuries and pain. Whether your sport is competitive or you participate just for fun, you can count on Burns Bay Physiotherapy to be a dedicated team of professionals who can provide personalised assessments and treatments to solve your pain and injury and keep you active.


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