Common Causes of Back Pain and How a Physiotherapist (Physio) in Riverview at Burns Bay Physiotherapy Can Help

Back pain is one of the most common complaints treated by Burns Bay Physiotherapy in Riverview. Back pain has many potential causes; here are some of the most common.

Too Much Time in Front of Screens

Computers are a necessity for most of us, but spending hours a day slouched in front of a laptop or hunched over a smartphone or tablet takes a toll on your back. Be sure to take breaks to stretch, stand up, do neck exercises, and, from time to time, hold your phone out in front of you to give your back a break from its hunched-over posture. Keep in mind that even with good posture, sitting all day in and of itself is bad for your back, so remember to get up and walk around often.

Ignoring Your Core Muscles

Your core is made up of your abdominal, back, pelvic, side, and buttock muscles, which all work together to allow you to bend over, stand upright, and twist. Many people focus only on crunches and other ab exercises, but adding in others such as planks, lunges, and squats can protect your back by strengthening the muscles groups that support it.

Lighting Up

Think smoking doesn’t have anything to do with your back pain? Think again. When you smoke, nicotine restricts blood flow to many parts of your body, including your vertebrae and disks. This means that they may age and break down more quickly than they would if you didn’t smoke. Smoking may also affect your body’s ability to absorb calcium, and this may lead to osteoporosis and related problems. Quit smoking for the best odds and preventing or correcting back pain.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

High heels aren’t the only offenders when it comes to choosing shoes that make your back hurt. Our experienced Physios in Lane Cove can assess whether your shoes are contributing to your back, knee or leg pains. Our Physiotherapists in Riverview can then help with advice on how to correct this to reduce your pain.

Also of note in the fashion department: a heavy purse frequently carried over one shoulder can cause problems. Try lightening your load and switching to a messenger-style bag to make things easier on your back.

Find a Good Physio in Riverview

There are many causes of back pain; the above represent just a few of the most common. If you are experiencing pain in your upper or lower back, consider obtaining the services of a physiotherapist in Riverview. Riverview physiotherapy services at Burns Bay Physiotherapy can help you correct back pain and return to pain-free movement. We can also treat neck pain, joint pain, sports injury, and many other types of pain and injury in people of all ages. If you’re looking for a Riverview physiotherapist, contact Burns Bay Physiotherapy today on 9427 8333 to schedule an initial appointment and learn more about how we can help you feel your best.


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