Why Exercise Is an Effective Lane Cove Back Pain Treatment

When people experience back pain, the natural response is often to avoid exercise. These individuals often assume that exercise will aggravate their existing pain, taking a bad situation and making it worse. The unfortunate outcome of this is often that people rely too heavily on medical treatments and do not understand how important exercise is for long-term pain relief.

Those seeking Lane Cove back pain treatment should be aware that exercise is key to the healing process. It’s not bed rest and inactivity, but rather controlled, gradual exercise that typically provides the best long-term solutions for this type of pain.

Prolonged inactivity can exacerbate pain because it can cause the back to become weak, stiff, and deconditioned. This can be a vicious cycle as patients respond to worsening pain with lower and lower activity levels – which, in turn, increases pain, perpetuating the cycle of pain recurrence and inactivity. By contrast, exercise helps the back by reducing stiffness, strengthening and repairing the muscles that support the back, relieving stress on the lower back through and stretching the relevant muscles. Exercise also allows the discs to exchange fluids, reducing swelling and keeping the spine healthy.

Combining exercise with medical treatment is often the most efficient course of action when dealing with back pain. Burns Bay Physiotherapy offers Lane Cove back pain treatment for people of all ages and injuries and pain of all types, including sports injury. Give us a call today to ask any questions you may have or to book an appointment.


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