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We are all at our happiest when we can do the activities we need and want to do in life happily without pain or stiffness stopping or limiting us. Many people think that Physiotherapists only deal with severe pain. This is not the case.

Our goal is to get you back to being pain free and confident to do everything want to do in life. This may be work, gym, playing sport or music, being able to enjoy your family, garden or travel. For some people it is a high level of pain that limits you, for others it can be not being able to do activities comfortably or feeling you will suffer afterwards. If you are feel pain or you need to stretch or move, that is your body telling you all is not well.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we will do a detailed assessment to understand all factors that could be contributing to the issues in your body. It may be muscles, nerves, joints or a combination of factors. We will then work with you to get good outcomes for you so you can enjoy the activities that are important to you to improve your quality of life.

Published in ” The Village Observer”, November, 2017. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.