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Whiplash is the term given to the sudden acceleration – deceleration force that happens to a neck in car accidents, diving accidents or similar incidents. Depending on the forces involved the injuries can range from mild to severe. Commonly the forces can damage nerves, muscles, ligaments, bones and blood vessels. The most common symptoms experienced are pain and stiffness in the  neck and headaches. Pain can also be felt between the shoulder blades and into the shoulders and arm. Sometimes the person can suffer from feelings on vagueness, dizziness and psychological distress following a whiplash injury.

For some people they feel pain immediately and for others the pain may start up to a week post injury. This is all considered normal post whiplash.

If you do suffer from a whiplash injury it is reccomended that you seek early treatment from a physiotherapist to assist in you short and long term recovery. If your whiplash is from a car accident you need to see your G.P. first and ask them to refer you to a physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will then determine the most appropriate treatment strategy for you. Recovery time can also vary significantly.

Our physiotherapists are all experienced at dealing with whiplash injuries.


Published in “The Village Observer” February 2013. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.