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Strong muscles give many protective benefits to our bodies. Muscles move us, keep us upright and stable, plus help strengthen our bones. For this reason, many people go to the gym and do weights, Pilates, yoga etc. They often expect because they are strengthening their muscles that they will be protected from injury or that it will solve their pain issues. Unfortunately this is an over simplified message which has become the conventional wisdom of the age. If it was true, athletes and strong people would never have a pain or injury.

Having good strength and control in our muscles gives us better protection of our joints, but it is not the total answer. Too often we see people who have spent long hours at the gym doing some form of strength training. They expect that this will fix their musculoskeletal problems only to they still have their original pain, tightness or difficulty performing activities. Without addressing why you are having problems, strength training can make you stronger but it will not fix you. The Physiotherapists at Burns Bay Physiotherapy are experts at diagnosis and correcting pains in the musculoskeletal system and can advise people on exercise.

Published in “The Village Observer”, Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.