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A common misconception is that the human spine is weak and as a result, we should avoid heavy or repeated lifting. In fact the spine is a robust and flexible structure that can withstand significant load. As with other areas of the body, loading strengthens the back. When we avoid using our backs or spend a lot of time being sedentary, our muscles and discs weaken and as a result we are more likely to injure ourselves.

As well as loading our backs to help them get stronger it is important to bend our backs to keep them flexible. Bending our backs into a C-shape when we lift and bend is normal. Keeping our backs straight is normal for standing but not for bending and lifting.

If you do suffer from back pain, we can help your pain and help you start moving normally with confidence even under load.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we understand pain and movement. We use a systematic whole-body assessment to efficiently find and fix the cause of your pain and teach you how to stay pain free for the long term.

Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.Published in “The Village Observer”, July, 2018.