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August has been Tradies Health Month. Tradies fix most things but not always themselves. 80% of workplace injuries involve Tradies. 10 Tradies experience serious injuries every day. Avoiding  experiencing pain and becoming a statistic is an important message for everyone.

The strong message to Tradies is applicable to everyone. The message is to think and plan before you lift and carry. Spending the extra few moments at this point can potentially save a lot of pain in the immediate future or the long term. Before undertaking a task–  Stop, Think, Act. Avoiding jerking movements  and avoiding twisting when lifting can help reduce the likelihood of injury. If you do experience pain, your body is telling you something. Firstly, try modifying your activity and if pain persists seek treatment from a physiotherapist to treat the problem and address your pain, so as you can move well ans stay well for the future.

Keeping yourself in good shape can also help reduce the likelihood and severity of injury.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association and Tradies National Health month websites have helpful videos and information.

Published in “The Village Observer” , September 2013, written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.