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Throwing and hitting a ball are common actions in many sports. Due to the loads involved and the repetition of the action, we commonly see these actions result in pain in the shoulder region. At worst this involves a tear in the rotator cuff. Even if it does involve a tear, this does not mean that you have to stop your sport or have surgery. Physiotherapy to ease your pain and strengthen the local muscles is important to allow you to return to your sport and continue to play without creating more problems that may eventually become career ending.

It is important as part of the rehabilitation of the shoulder that we assess each person’s technique of throwing or hitting To use your arm in the most efficient manner to reduce your likelihood of injury to the shoulder, the movement should actually start at the foot and involve correct coordination of the legs, pelvis, trunk and shoulder. Physiotherapists are uniquely trained to assess the whole person and understand the individual’s biomechanics and how to assist you in getting you back to your sport and keep you doing what you love to do.

Published in “The Village Observer”, March 2015. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.