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We are all aware of the ageing of the population. Muscle and joint problems increase as we age, with musculoskeletal problems being  one of the most disabling conditions  of the elderly. Shoulder pain is the third most common of musculoskeletal problems presenting to G.P.’s. This is because shoulders are shallow, mobile joints held together by ligaments and the muscles of the rotator cuff. With the majority of the shoulder problems coming from the rotator cuff and the knowledge that muscles waste and lose elasticity as we age, it is not surprising that the older shoulder is prone to pain and problems. Another effect of aging is trauma to tendons, which result in poorer quality and less mechanically stable collagen being laid down during healing. Not surprisingly, degeneration of the rotator cuff is now considered a normal part of the aging process.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we understand the younger and older shoulder. We understand the importance of having pain free movement for sport, sleeping and activities of daily living. We understand how to manage shoulder pain with evidence based rehabilitation to help you get the best possible outcomes.

Published in ‘The Village Observer”, July, 2014. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.