Knee pain as we age is common and frequently people believe this means they should stop doing as much weight bearing exercise as this will cause increase the wear and tear. This belief is outdated and turns out to be incorrect.

Previously, it was thought the cartilage between the joints wore out over time with load. In recent years the research has shown load in fact strengthens the cartilage. This means weights, walking and running are beneficial for knees. Research also shows that the correct strengthening exercises helps reduce knee pain.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we understand the research and how to apply this to help you with a graduated program to allow you to load your knee in a pain free manner and take you through a strengthening program appropriate for you. We frequently use hands on and taping techniques to assist your recovery. 

Whether the pain is limiting your walking or running, your ability to use stairs or play your sport, help is at hand. Research has shown Physiotherapy is highly effective in treating the older knee, is cheaper than knee replacements and should be the first line of treatment for knee pain, rather than surgery.

Published in “The Village Observer”, August, 2019. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.