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We all remember the classic song “The foot bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the shoulder bone…”

In many ways, this song is relevant to the way we actually function in all our movements. For example, in order to move our arm, we begin by stabilising our lower legs and the trunk muscles before moving our arm. This process involves coordination between muscles on both sides of our body and involves intricate timing between our stabilising muscles and our moving muscles.

Our body should work and often fails as a complete unit. For this reason, when we assess and treat patients it is important to look at how a person functions. From  there we can assist them to return to being able to perform tasks that are important to them. This usually involves a combination of hands-on approach, together with specific exercises designed to retrain body functions. This whole of person functional approach taken at Burns Bay Physiotherapy gives better long term results than the traditional medical model of each joint or muscle being thought of as a distinct entity.

Published in “The Village Observer”. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.