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Tennis elbow is the term used to describe pain on the outside region of an elbow. Pain on the inside is called golfers elbow and is less common.  Sometimes the pain is very localised but it can spread into the muscles in the forearm. Although tennis and golf can cause these pains, more frequently elbow pains are found in people who perform repeated movements involving the wrist and arm.

The muscles around the elbow are relatively small so cannot take a lot of load by themselves. Luckily when we use our arm, we also use our shoulder and frequently our body at the same time. If we watch a tennis or golf player, they use their whole body to produce an effective swing to hit the ball. Interestingly professional tennis and golf players have less elbow pain than amateurs.

Historically tennis elbow pain has had poor outcomes because people only treated the elbow. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy when assessing elbow pain, we will assess the structures around your elbow, your shoulder and your upper body to understand all possible factors contributing to your elbow pain. These findings then guide management to treat your pain.

Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy. Published in The Village Observer, 2017