Gym Injuries Requiring a Sports Physiotherapist in Lane Cove

Did you get a little too excited about your new commitment to health and fitness? Like so many just starting out at the gym, you didn’t know exactly how to use a piece of equipment and were too afraid to ask. Instead, you watched a few people use the machine and thought you could give it a go. Everything seemed alright at the time, but the next morning you get out of bed noticing pain in your neck and shoulders. After a warm soak in the bath, the pain has not subsided, and you decide to ensure that you haven’t hurt yourself. You know just who to call, the leading sports physiotherapist in Lane Cove, Burns Bay Physiotherapy.

Burns Bay Physiotherapy has served Lane Cove for 20 years with friendliness and professionalism. Our sports physiotherapist here in Lane Cove takes the time to get to know you, listen to the details of your pain and will work with you to find solutions that get you back into the gym quickly, safely, and in ways that make it unlikely to sustain a re-injury.

Our sports physiotherapist for Lane Cove’s athletes helps them create workout routines that are safe for their bodies at each level of healing. Our team of physiotherapists is committed to continuing education so we can provide our patients with the most advanced and effective techniques in physiotherapy. We work with all ages and injury types and are passionate about providing you with the information and skills needed to eliminate pain and avoid re-injury successfully.


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