Slipped Discs

Back pain is frequently poorly understood with many outdated ideas still form the basis of thoughts and treatments. The term ‘slipped disc’ and belief that a scan will show the cause of their back pain are common outdated beliefs.

Discs are living adaptable force transducers that join the vertebra together. Because discs are firmly attached to each vertebra they cannot physically slip and are designed to take load efficiently. We now know that bending and loading the back is advantageous as it both strengthens the muscles and the discs.

Historically people thought if we saw degeneration of discs on CT or MRI scans, that was bad and was the source of your pain.  We now know degenerative changes on scans are normal and what we see on scans does not tell us anything about your pain or ability to bend and lift. In fact you are more likely to have back pain if you brace your muscles and keep your back straight, compared to allowing your back to move the way it was designed to move.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we stay up to date with the latest changes in musculoskeletal medicine and bring these changes to help you get better long-term outcomes.

Published in “The Village Observer”” July 2019. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy


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