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We all know we feel much better after a good night’s sleep. Sleep is important for refreshing and restoring the function of our brain and body.

If pain is interfering with your ability to sleep well, we tend to blame our bed or pillow. For this reason, physiotherapists often get asked what the best position to sleep or what is the best bed or pillow. If you sleep in a different bed with a different pillow and your pain or restlessness that night is the same, your sleep will not be fixed by purchasing a better bed or pillow.

A happy body can sleep happily in different positions and with different types of beds and pillows. If you find you have pain, excessive restlessness at night or that feeling you have to get up due to morning pain, we can help you and help you to wake up feeling better in the morning.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we understand pain and movement. We use a systematic whole-body assessment to efficiently find and treat the cause of your pain as well as teach you how to manage yourself for the long term.

Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy. Published in “The Village Observer”, June, 2018