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Shoulder injuries are notoriously painful. Shoulders are also very important in everyday function of life.

The shoulder joint is unique in that it is a very flexible joint, allowing us to move our arm in many directions. This flexibility comes because the bony part of the main joint is particularly shallow. The trade off is the joint is less stable than a ball and socket joint such as the hip. The muscles around the shoulder therefore provide the important stability and control around the joint.

Common shoulder problems involve injuries from falls, rotator cuff injuries, pain on lifting, pain on reaching up or behind, weakness in the shoulder and arm, pain on sidelying and pain during sports. Pain can be felt around the shoulder blade, shoulder joint or upper arm regions. Weakness can affect the shoulder or whole arm. All of these issues can effectively be assessed and treated with Physiotherapy. We will assess the cause of your pains and treate as appropriate. Because the muscles around the shoulder are so important in controlling your shoulder you will usually be given some exercises to help speed your recovery and help keep your shoulder strong and painfree into the future.

Most injuries and pains around the shoulder are muscle related and are effectively treated with Physiotherapy.

Article published in “The Village Observer”, April 2012, written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.