Should I have surgery for the pain?

Often we find that people come in to Burns Bay Physiotherapy wondering whether physiotherapy will be of benefit as they believe that surgery is required to ultimately fix their problem. Sometimes they believe that the surgery should happen as soon as they can get to see a specialist and get it organised. Sometimes they believe that the problem will naturally worsen until eventually they will be cured by surgery. 
Being pessimistic about your body when you are in pain is common. As Physiotherapists, we see this often and people are often pleased when they realize how beneficial physiotherapy can be. The improvements in people’s pain and mobility usually begin immediately and generally continue to improve further over time, particularly when corrective exercises are undertaken. Surgery is recommended for some, but not all musculoskeletal problems.
Surgery is invasive and will not always cure everything, yet when people are in pain, they often forget this. When you and your loved ones have pains, we suggest being proactive. Ring the Physiotherapists at Burns Bay Physiotherapy and take control of your pain and functional abilities. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we help people improve their pain and functional abilities every day.
Published in The Village Observer, November 2013. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.