Shoulder Pain

Your shoulders are very flexible compared to other joints in the body. As a result, they are vulnerable to injury, especially the muscles of the shoulder. For this reason, early treatment and understanding about your shoulder pain is very important. Early treatment can prevent the problems worsening.

Shoulder problems can arise for a variety of reasons. The most common problem is damage to the rotator cuff muscles. The rotator cuff muscles are the main muscles controlling the shoulder joint. They get worn as part of the aging process but can be damaged in falls and by overuse activities. Most of the time, these pains can be controlled by Physiotherapy and with specific exercises.

Your posture is also important with regard to shoulder pain. This can be work related or sport related posture. Giving you the ability to correct and understand these postural issues is part of getting you back to enjoying painfree activities following your visit to our Physiotherapists.


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