Shoulder and Arm Pain

Upper limb dexterity is part of what makes us human and good shoulder function is important for activities of daily living and many sports.
Shoulders are very strong, mobile joints that link the body to the arm. Good shoulder strength and pain-free mobility allows the functional bond between our body and environment. Due to the flexibility we have in shoulders, they are prone to pain and injury. Shoulders can be injured through trauma or wear and tear.
Most shoulder conditions can be successfully treated without surgery and it is usually advised to have physiotherapy as the first line of treatment for shoulder pain. If you have had shoulder surgery our physiotherapists are skilled at post-surgery care. We will work with your surgeon to get your best possible outcomes.
Helping your shoulder and arm starts with a detailed assessment of your shoulder and surrounding areas to understand why you have pain, followed by using a combination of exercise, hands on treatment and advise to restore the function of your shoulder and arm.
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