Knee Pain

Knee pain usually fits into 2 categories. Whatever the cause, we can help you.

  1. Acute injuries from sports or falls
  2. Longer term pain and stiffness that causes difficulty with movement, walking, stairs etc

Diagnosing the cause of your pain is the first step. If you are concerned that you have damaged your ligaments and may need to see a surgeon, we can assess your knee and either treat you appropriately or refer you on. If you do require surgery, your post operative rehabilitation is very important to get you back to full function. Our Physiotherapists are expert at rehabilitating knees.

Most knee problems are caused by long term loading issues. This can be from previous injuries or from muscle or foot issues. Even if the pain is debilitating, our Physiotherapists can help you significantly.

Do not let your knees prevent you from playing your sports or enjoying your life. We can help you.

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