Hip and Knee Problems

Hips and knees are major load bearing joints in our body. They are designed to effectively take repeated loading, however, when we have pain in these joints, weight bearing activities can become difficult and unpleasant. Arthritis is also a common reason for hip pain. The research is telling us physiotherapy should be the first line of treatment before hip or knee surgery.
The Knee is a ‘hinge’ joint, with ligaments inside and around the knee giving added strength and stability, as well as extra padding, called meniscus, between the bones. On top of the joint is the kneecap, called patella, which is embedded in the quadriceps muscle. Research has shown that loading of the knee is beneficial as it helps to strengthen the cartilage, ligaments and muscles around the knee.
Knee pain can come from trauma or wear and tear.
We are often asked whether surgery is the answer for knee pain. Increasingly the research is telling us physiotherapy is more effective for both acute trauma and arthritic knees compared to surgery. If you have had surgery, post-surgery physiotherapy is a very important part of your rehabilitation to ensure your knee is strong and resilient into the future.
The good news is whether you are young or old we can help with your pain and strengthening your knee.
Hips are big ‘ball and socket’ joints surrounded by many muscles which control the hip and connect our hips to the pelvis and back.
Pain over the outer aspect of hips is very common and can make walking, stairs and sleeping difficult. This type of pain is more common in women and can be successfully treated with specific exercises designed by our physiotherapists. Physiotherapy for lateral hip pain shown to be more effective than rest or steroid injections.
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