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Rowing is a fantastic way to get fit, whether you are a school child or an adult, experienced or new to the sport.

Back pain is one of the most common injuries affecting rowers. Factors involved in pain include rowing technique and posture in the boat. The way you sit in a chair is likely to be the way you sit in the boat so if you slouch all day on the lounge or at the desk, it is guaranteed that you will revert to this position in the boat. The good news is with some postural changes that we can teach you, learning how to correct your sitting posture is easy. These changes in posture have been shown to reduce back pain.

As well as sitting poorly, rowers with back pain have been shown to have a shorter stroke, spend more time in the drive part of the stroke and spend more time with their back flexed.

If you have problems with pain related to rowing, we can help you get back in the boat and keep you there for the long term.

Published in ” The Village Observer”. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.