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We are often told to protect our backs. This assumes that backs are in some way weak compared to the rest of our bodies. People feel if they use their backs they may ‘slip a disc’ or they may damage it in some way. The result being, people feel they need to brace or be careful with their movements. However, if we look at what sports people and weight lifters do with their backs, we can see how strong and flexible backs can be. Their backs don’t stop them from performing at high levels over many years.

In reality, backs are very strong flexible structures that are designed to move. Discs are an integral part of the spine and cannot slip. Back movements are controlled by muscles which  strengthen with use. Just as loading strengthens muscles, loading strengthens discs. Loading from running has been shown to strengthen your discs.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we understand how backs work, we understand the complexities of pain and we are keen to work with you to get you back to enjoying full function doing your normal activities as quickly as possible.

Published in “The Village Observer”, July 2017. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy