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At this time of year many people are signing up to winter sports. Some of you for the first time in years and some of you are regulars signing up each winter. Your pre-season training is important for setting you up for an enjoyable season. This involves good fitness training and skill training. It also involves attending to those muscle and joint pains that affect you.

Many people try the ‘rest over summer’ option for their pains using the theory that if they stop loading the area and give it a good chance to recover, the pain will go by next season. This can work if it is a simpl overuse injury. Only now will you find if this strategy worked for you. If not, now is the time to have your pains assessed by a physiotherapist who can determine the cause of your ongoing pains and then work with you to overcome them so you can enjoy your sport.

Physiotherapists understand biomechanics, as well as how to succesfully treat muscle and joint pains. They also know how to design a specific program to help you with specific strength and stretching exercises that will help keep your body working for you and allow you to stay on the sporting field.


Published in “The Village Observer, March 2013”.  Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.