We are so often asked- Can Physiotherapy help my condition? What happens when I come to see you?

As physiotherapists we help people with pain or stiffness in their muscles, joints or nerves. For example, we see sports and work injuries, sprains and strains, back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankles problems. Whether the pain is severe and front of mind or it is a problem that interferes with your quality of life we can help.

When you book an appointment at Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we will email you a form to complete (and return to us prior to your appointment). We want to learn about your problem, how it affects you and what you are wanting from us. During your first visit, we will listen to you and learn more about your problem. We then perform a detailed assessment of your muscles, joints and movements to ascertain what is contributing to your problem and determine the best way of helping you. This will usually involve a combination of hands on treatment and education about exercises, prevention and self-management strategies. We will work with you to get good outcomes so you can enjoy the activities that are important to you.

Published in “The Village Observer”, June, 2019. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.