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A recent Australian study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, set to examine the cost benefit of 10 treatments of individual physiotherapy sessions compared to 2 sessions of advice regarding back pain. The results of this study and previous studies showed superior results from individualised physiotherapy treatment.As expected, the initial cost of individualised treatment was higher than  advice. However, the advice group spent more  money on medications and other treatment outside the trial over the 12 months. They also had poorer reported quality of life compared to the treatment group. Adding these costs together showed individualised physiotherapy treatment only cost $42 more over 12 months.

Additionally, the study showed those who received individualised treatment saved on average $3000 per worker in income by missing less days at work over the 12 month  period of study.

Even though at first glance individualised physiotherapy may seem more expensive than simpler treatments, these results show individualised physiotherapy more effective in treating pain. It also leads to significant total cost savings in the longer term. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we aim to get you pain free and keep you pain free as fast as possible.

Published in “The Village Observer”, April, 2016. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.