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Sitting on the train recently I overheard a fairly typical mobile phone conversation. “Sorry mate, I can’t come tonight, my back has ‘gone’, just like yours. I have to go home; hope I can catch up tomorrow…. I am in too much pain, sorry.”

Too often I hear stories like this. People often assume there is nothing that can help, this is just life. They may have seen a G.P. , had some x-rays, a massage, taken some medications, had a few machines applied or had a few manipulations. Frequently they haven’t had high quality Physiotherapy where all the factors that are contributing to the problem are assessed and addressed and a plan is worked out to keep the clients enjoying their activities. Some problems are quick and easy to fix. Pains of more longstanding nature and increased severity usually take more time to unravel and fix. The important message is that with good Physiotherapy, there is a lot that can be done to help you.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we effectively help people’s muscle and joint pains and improve their quality of life every day. Frequently people are surprised by what can be done to help.

Published in ” The Village Observer” February 2016, written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.