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It is estimated osteoarthritis costs the Australian community approximately $23 billion per year. With an aging population, the number of people with arthritis and the costs is expected to increase. The good news helps is at hand.

Current guidelines say exercise is the best strategy to deal with osteoarthritis, with surgery and Opioids being discouraged. Interestingly, a 10-20% reduction in body weight significantly reduces the inflammatory markers in your blood and reduces the pain of arthritis. Reducing weight also physically reduces the load on your joints.

As Physiotherapists, we understand the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis. We play an important role in reducing pain and working with you to help you with the best exercises to help keep you active or get you active again. We know if you are in pain due to arthritis or for another reason, it is often not easy to exercise without help. We can help.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we understand pain and movement. We use a systematic whole-body assessment to efficiently find and treat the cause of your pain as well as teach you how to manage yourself for the long term.

Published in The Village Observer”, February 2019. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.