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Medications containing Codeine are been widely used around the world for pain management. Unfortunately these medications are causing a variety of problems. These include being highly addictive and increasing the bodies sensitivity to pain. Ultimately the user’s pain becomes worse from use the use of Codeine. For this reason from 1st February 2018 these medications containing Codeine will no longer be available as over the counter medications. Medications such as Panadeine, Nurofen Plus, Mersyndol and Codral all contain Codeine.

Recent RACGP guidelines regarding this change recommend GPs refer patients with musculoskeletal pains to Physiotherapists for care. You do not require a GP referral for Physiotherapy. Modern Physiotherapy is at the forefront of care for both acute and chronic pains. Previous studies have shown Physiotherapy is highly cost effective in managing pain and returning people back to normal activity levels.

If you are someone who relies on medications containing Codeine for pain management, you may be surprised what high quality modern Physiotherapy can do to reduce your pain and allow you to move comfortably. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we are focused on working with you to get your desired outcomes and improve your quality of life.

Published in ” The Village Observer”, December 2017. Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.