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At any time it is estimated that 65% of people are suffering  from neck pain at work. If you are one of those people, we can help. Many people will rub their necks and have a regular massage. This can all help in the short term but it doesn’t usually help in the long term.

Physiotherapists are uniquely able to assess your pain and the factors that can be contributing to your pain and then make changes to all those factors. Physiotherapists do this by assessing nerves, muscles and joints and how they may be contributing to your problem. They can also assess your posture and ergonomics and how they contribute to the load on your neck. By making changes to all the factors that may be contributing towards your pain we can help your pain in the short and long term. Physiotherapists can also teach you how to help reduce the likelihood of your pain being an ongoing problem.

You don’t need to let neck pain at work negatively impact on your quality of life. Help is at hand at Burns Bay Physiotherapy.

Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy. Published in ” The Village Observer”. August 2015