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Neck pain is common and there are many reasons why people suffer neck pain. Work related neck pain from prolonged time at computers and desks is highly prevalent. The pain can be local to the neck or referred to the head, shoulder region or arm.

The neck is a reasonably flexible part of the body supported by 7 vertebrae and many muscles. It also supports the weight of the head, about 5 kgs. The weight of the head is designed to be taken directly through the neck bones or vertebrae.  The bones are strong and can withstand prolonged loading easily.  The muscles support the bones and allow movement of the neck. Poking the neck forward, as happens frequently with prolonged sitting at a desk, dramatically increases the load on the neck and often results in pain. Incredibly, for every 1 cm that your head moves forward from the neutral position, the relative weight of your head increases by 1.5 kg. It is little wonder that leaning forward at desks creates pain in the neck and surrounding areas.

Our physiotherapists can treat your pain and assist your posture to help improve your quality of life.

Published in  “The Village Observer” October 2012, Written by Burns Bay Physiotherapy.