Trust Lane Cove’s Sports Physiotherapist’s Office for Shoulder Injuries

It’d been a long but successful season of tennis, and you feel excited as you warm up for a practice session in preparation for the upcoming final tournament. You’d arrived at the court and begun warming up when you notice some discomfort in your shoulder. Fortunately, you know just what to do and you make your way over to your trusted Lane Cove sports physiotherapist at Burns Bay Physiotherapy. After years of being in our care, you know we will be able to assess the injury properly and put you on the quickest and safest path to recovery so that you are ready to make another run at the championships next year.

The Lane Cove sports physiotherapists at Burns Bay Physiotherapy have extensive experience in a vast range of injuries. Our goal is to get you back to your sport quickly, safely, stronger, and better educated than ever before. Our friendly and compassionate team of Lane Cove sports physiotherapists treats each patient as an individual (not merely an injury type) taking the time to get to know you, learn about your injury, and help you understand the physiology behind your pain so we can work together to build strength and restore range of motion.

Our team is committed to continued education so that we can utilise the latest techniques and technology in the field. We work with all ages and physiotherapy needs to help you learn how to prevent further injury and how to avoid re-injury in the future.


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