Lane Cove Sports Physio Caring for People of All Ages

For years your youngest son has wanted to join a rugby league just like his brothers, however like his brothers, you have insisted that he wait until he’s 12. For his twelfth birthday, you surprise him with team try-outs in Lane Cove. Today was his first big game, and he found himself enjoying it thoroughly. As he joins you after the game, you notice him nursing his arm. Luckily you know just what to do and soon, you’re on the phone already scheduling a Lane Cove sports physio appointment with Burns Bay Physiotherapy who knows you and your family well.

Residents of Lane Cove come for sports physio at Burns Bay Physiotherapy. For 20 years our team of highly experienced physiotherapists has served the community of Lane Cove’s sports physio and other physiotherapy needs with friendliness, compassion, and respect for the individual. In Lane Cove, sports physios take extra care to understand the nature of the injury and how it impacts our patient, and we are committed to continued education and utilising the latest developed techniques and equipment.

We’ll start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the injured area, noting the range of motion and levels of pain. Then we’ll help your son understand the temporary limitations of his injury and learn how to prevent further injuries during the healing process. We’ll supply him with the tools he’ll need to avoid re-injury as he returns to his budding rugby career.


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