Neck Stiffness in Lane Cove? Our Neck Pain Treatments May Help

We tend to overlook many common aches and pains until they become overwhelming and interfere with our busy lives. Since so many of these ailments can be addressed through simple exercises or lifestyle changes, it is remarkable that we don’t do more sooner. However, it is never too late to get the relief you need for your pain. If you are in Lane Cove, there are neck pain treatments available through Burns Bay Physiotherapy which may help bring an end to your pain under our physiotherapists’ care.

Our team of physiotherapists are dedicated to using the latest evidence-based approaches in physiotherapy from the medical world. We support continuing education to ensure that our staff can make use of the most recent advances in research as we tailor our care to your specific needs. When you come to our clinic in Lane Cove, you can be sure the neck pain treatments you receive are using only effective methods to treat your particular condition. Whether it is suggesting exercises and lifestyle adjustments to improve your posture or working with you to correct movements in your neck to reduce pain, our experienced team will recommend the right course of action following a comprehensive assessment to uncover the cause of your pain or stiffness.

Whether your pain is dull or sharp or involves headaches and stiffness as well, you can put an end to the frustration and discomfort with the proper treatment. Physiotherapy can address the underlying causes of most forms of neck pain, making it an ideal course of action for many. Call or visit our clinic today to see how our team of physiotherapists in Lane Cove provides neck pain treatments that help many busy individuals such as yourself return to the activities they enjoy most.


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