Burns Bay Physiotherapists Offer Knee Injury Treatment for Lane Cove Patients

Knee injuries can have long-term effects on your body if they aren’t properly assessed and treated. If you have been dealing with pain in your knees because of physical activity from a sport or even just from regular use, such as walking or climbing stairs, you need to consult with a physiotherapist to have a thorough assessment and figure out the best treatment for your pain. Acute injuries – sprains, strains, or tears – resulting from sports or exercise are common, but knee injuries and pain can also simply be a result of getting older. Regardless, there are ways to treat, manage, and reduce the pain. At Burns Bay Physiotherapy, we offer those treatments to our patients after providing them with an individualised assessment of the problem.

For years, our dedicated team has worked to treat injuries all over the body, including the knees. We have musculoskeletal physiotherapists who have decades of experience with knee injury treatment and aim to offer that treatment to patients throughout the Lane Cove region. If you need knee injury treatment near Lane Cove, we are here to help and provide that treatment.

We start with a full, individual assessment of your knee injury, followed by consultation on what the next steps are. This can include a wide array of treatments provided by us or possibly a referral to a specialist or surgeon if needed. However, if this is the case, we can also offer post-surgery rehabilitation thanks to our expert physiotherapists. When you feel you’re in need of knee injury treatment in Lane Cove, give us a call on 94278333 to schedule an appointment and initial assessment.


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